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One simple tool to exponentially boost your family relationships this winter break.

Two weeks with the kids at home (for some, add the word "stuck inside"). A long time to fight, nag, cope and deal. Here's one simple tool to exponentially boost your parenting skills and family relationships this winter break:


The magic tool to build and strengthen relationships.
The magic tool that reduces objection.
The one that turns tight relationships into pleasant ones.

But what is collaboration? It's not necessarily what you are thinking about.
It's not doing for, but doing with.
Not doing because I have to, but because I like doing that and I want to.
It's inviting my loved one (can also be an adult) to do together something we both like.

Collaboration: doing together something both parts enjoy, brings people together, presents opportunities to learn about one another, sets the stage for fun and laughs, for conversations and introspection and for building amazing family relationships. Doing together things we both enjoy, is a magic recipe for amazing family relationships.


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