Hi :) my name is Laura Myszne and I am a human behavior expert. I help people understand why humans behave the way they do, and how can that behavior be respectfully and gently influenced to help every person be their best. 

My specialties are children's behavior and human relationships.


I work with parents, teachers, caregivers and school administrators helping them raise the children they dream of, and achieve a home or school atmosphere they can be proud of. Some of the most common challenges I help adults with are: children's behavior, encouragement, SEL, and communication challenges between children, children and adults, and between adults only.


I am lucky to be able to work in the field I love most, and a work day is never a heavy day for me. On the contrary, a work day is always a yippee! day for me.

I have three degrees that support my work, as well as MANY years of international and multi-cultural experience. I have a BA in business administration, a post graduate degree in human resources development, and a third degree in parenting education, classroom management mentoring and group facilitation.

I work as a consultant, coach and lecturer for individuals, schools and organizations in the three different countries I've lived in: Uruguay, Israel and for the last eleven years, here in the US. I'm lucky enough to speak three languages at mother tongue level (Spanish, English, Hebrew), and this has allowed me to effectively work with people from different places and cultures.

Last, and definitely not least, I'm the mother of two teens and a tween, which with no doubt, provide with rich, first hand experience in my field of work :)


A bit about my work:

I'm an Adlerian. A huge believer of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology (the foundation of Positive Discipline) which I use in my professional and personal life every day. I love Individual Psychology because its approach is very practical and compassionate, easy to apply, it works, its results are almost immediate and they last forever. What else could I ask for! (If you are now feeling curious about Adler's theory, you may want to check it out here, here and here.)


The way I work, is by meeting with adults, either on a one to one basis or in groups, and together we learn, discuss and choose the most effective ways to approach their parenting or educational challenges. Our conversations are very informal and yet very professional. When a client leaves a meeting a me, they feel listened to, understood and empowered, and they take with them clear, practical tools they can immediately apply at their homes/educational settings. My clients work hard, and they see the results. 

Some of my past/present organizational clients are: Willow Glen Elementary School, Yavneh Day School, Gideon Hausner Day School, Helios School, Biblioteca Latinoamericana, South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, Meyerholz Elementary School, Sinai Nursery School and JCC - Palo Alto, between others.


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