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When parents and caregivers need support, we meet and together we discuss, learn and choose the most effective ways to help their children grow and thrive. Our conversations are very informal, yet very professional and at their end, adults leave feeling listened to, understood and very empowered to change anything that needs to be changed. They take with them clear, practical tools they can immediately apply at their homes. My clients work hard, and they see the results. 

Some of the subjects we work on are:

  • parenting styles and strategies

  • boundaries

  • misbehavior

  • sibling relationships

  • behavior and challenges at school

  • sleeping and eating habits

  • parenting partners' relationship challenges

  • giftedness


and more!

Bring a Parenting Workshop to your school or workplace.


Bringing a parenting workshop to your educational organization or workplace is also a possibility. Some of the favorite workshops are:

  • decoding misbehavior

  • setting boundaries that actually work

  • the art of raising teens

  • when parenting partners don't agree

  • the art of listening and creating conversations

  • big feelings, small feelings 

  • sibling relationships

  • parenting group - multi session, stable group

These workshops will be adapted to the needs of the attending public, from a school/preschool parenting event to a university class, and all in between.

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