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Hi :) my name is Laura Myszne and I am a children's behavior expert. I help parents, educators and mental health professionals just like you, understand why children behave the way they do and how to encourage them to be their best and thrive.

I'm an Adlerian and follow the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, foundation of what today is known as Positive Discipline.


When working together, I will help you answer general questions like:  “how do I raise independent, resilient children”, less general ones like: “how do I get my child to listen to me?”, or more personal ones like: “my parenting partner and I have a challenging time agreeing, what can I do?” I will help you and your child’s educational team learn how to help your child be motivated and succeed at school, and if you are an educator or a  healthcare professional, I will empower you with specific behavioral tools to serve your clients best.


Helping children grow can be a challenging journey sometimes. I am here to help you.


I speak English, Spanish and Hebrew, all at mother tongue level. I have multinational and multicultural experience, serving adults who care for neurotypical and neurodiverse children including gifted and 2e.

I am lucky to be able to work in the field I love most, and a work day is never a heavy day for me. On the contrary, a work day is always a yippee! day for me.


Formal Education:

  • Parenting Education & Classroom Management, Adler Institute, Israel (1000+ hours of training).

  • Adult Group Facilitator, Ministry of Education, Israel.

  • Post Graduate Degree in Human Resources Development, Universidad ORT del Uruguay.

  • BA in Business Administration, Universidad de la Empresa, Uruguay.

Informal Education:

  • 18 years of international, multicultural experience with families and educators from all walks of life. There is nowhere I learn more, than from listening to my clients and working to find creative ways to support them.

  • Many, many hours of courses, classes, books, papers, and research. I seem to never be able to douse my thirst for expanding my knowledge to better serve my clients.

  • Three teens, my own kids, who without a doubt, provide with rich, first hand challenges, important life lessons and field experience.

My philosophy:

  • I believe that people can, that humans have an innate ability and motivation to grow and learn, and that it only takes authentic connection with a person to ignite those capabilities.

  • I am a huge believer in mutual respect and that safe, rich relationships are the foundation of deep, long lasting growth.

  • I believe that things can always be different, no matter where one is coming from or what we did yesterday.

  • I'm an Adlerian, a huge believer in the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, whose theory inspired and is the basis of what today is known as Positive Discipline. Why am I such a great fan of Adler's theory? Because its approach is very practical and compassionate, easy to apply, it works, its results are almost immediate and they last forever. What else could I ask for!

Some of the schools and organizations I have/had the honor to work with:​

Parents Place, OFJCC Preschool, Willow Glen Elementary School, Yavneh Day School, Gideon Hausner Jewish Day School, Helios School, Biblioteca Latinoamericana, South Peninsula Hebrew Day School, Meyerholz Elementary School, Sinai Nursery School, Making Friends Preschool, Parents Helping Parents, Adler Center (Uruguay) and Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services (Israel), between others.

Some fun/crazy facts about me: I have zero coordination (you don’t want to dance with me!), I can use three languages in a three word sentence, and my sense of orientation is inexistent (not a good idea to get lost with me!). I love traveling and discovering new places and cultures, and one of my favorite places is Sheridan, Wyoming.

If you'd like to get in touch with me, please click here.

If you'd like to schedule a consultation with me, please click here.

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