Hi :) my name is Laura Myszne and I’m a parenting expert. What does that mean? It means that I have loads of experience and have learnt for many, many years, how to help parents be even better, raise the children they dream of, and provide them with a safe, rich environment to grow in. Parenting Education is my passion, and my third degree (!)  

I'm also a classroom management mentor! I work with all kinds of educators on ways to optimize children's behavior in their classrooms, while assuring a healthy and respectful environment of growth for both the educators and the children

Feel like hearing more?

I'm a native of Uruguay where I got my degrees in Business Administration and Human Resources Development, and where I also met and married my wonderful husband. After we married, we emigrated to Israel where my three children were born and I discovered my true passion: empowering parents and educators to build excellent relationships with their children and help them grow to become the best human beings they possibly can. That's when I decided to become a professional parenting educator and classroom management mentor.


Four years of training at the Adler Institute in Israel and 16 years of experience later, here I am, serving hundreds of parents, professionals and educators in the Silicon Valley and around the world. 

A bit about my work:

I'm an Adlerian. A huge believer of Alfred Adler's Individual Psychology and I use it in my professional and personal life every day. I love Adler's theory because its approach is very practical and compassionate, easy to apply, it works, its results are almost immediate and they last forever. What else could I ask for!

If you are now feeling curious about Adler's theory? You may check it out here, here and here.


The way that I work, is by meeting with parents, caregivers, and educators on a one to one basis or in groups, and together we learn, discuss and choose that best ways to approach their children. We do so in person or via telecommunications. My office is located in Mountain View, CA, and I have clients all over the globe. My hours are very flexible so trying to find a time that works for you and me is rarely a problem.


I am also a lecturer at the Adler Center in Uruguay: Centro de Estudios Adlerianos where I teach psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and educators, practical ways to implement the Adlerian Theory (Individual Psychology) in their professional fields. 


Last, and definitely not least, I give custom made talks at schools, libraries, work places and non profits. Wherever there are curious, ready to learn parents, professionals or educators, I go.

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