Do you work with parents/educators of children of all ages?

Yes, I do, and we can meet on a one on one basis or as part of the groups that I organize.
What does a one on one parenting meeting look like?
One on one meetings are a space for you and me, to work together on what it's important to you. On those parenting questions that have you wondering "how can I make this better?" We can sit together at my office in a living room type setting, or we can work over the internet. We will chat, discuss and learn, and at the end of our meeting you will leave empowered, relieved and very optimistic that you now have specific, easy to apply tools to make your parenting a much better experience.
How long are one-to-one meetings and how much do they cost?

One-to-one meetings are 60 minutes long and their fee is $120 per meeting.

I do not work with insurance plans. 

How about workshops?

Occasionally I teach workshops on different subjects. Some are one time workshops and some come as a series. If you are interested in hearing about future workshops, please click here, like my Facebook page or let me know that you'd like me to add you to my email list

What about classroom management?
We can have a one on one, I can visit your classroom, or you can attend a class to address your classroom management needs and find answers to your questions. In these meetings, I will carefully listen and understand your teaching challenges, will explain to you why they are happening and based on that, ​will teach you solutions that suit your teaching values and which do not expire with time.